Moss Removal Preasure Wash

New Roof Specialists Ltd pressure wash all moss, lichen and algae from all types of roof tiles leaving your roof looking clean and fresh…

We also take on a whole range of tasks such as repairing any leaks you may have, whether it was caused by torn felt or broken tiles. Re-pointing, re-bedding any ridge, valley, hip or verge tiles comes with our cleaning packages as we can then ensure we are leaving your property water tight and sealed from any unwanted bad weather.

All roof cleans are never the same and that can be because of many different factors, so each roof clean may need only a serton section of the above list carried out. It is mandatory that we go through the list as it is our job is not only to make your roof look clean and fresh (free from moss and lichen) but mainly to make sure your roof is water tight and leak free.

New Roof Specialists Ltd have a range of roof cleaning packages that are sure will meet all our client needs.

Roof cleaning packages would usually consist of the following:

  • Disconnect down pipes from guttering. In order to prevent roof moss from causing any blockages in any down pipes or worst of all causing any blockages below ground level. (this is not an issue for us as we also unblock drains anyway. Contact us for more details)
  • Pressure wash moss/lichen or any other unsightly grimes for your roof tiles and chimney stack.
  • Clean and repair gutters (inside and outside of gutters).
  • Clean fascias and soffics.
  • Wash down windows, walls and clean ground area.
  • Re point chimney stack.
  • Re point or re bed any ridge, hip, valley and verge tiles.
  • Check all lead work is fixed in securely.
  • Spray/paint weather proof sealant to roof tile if required.

A house is the biggest investment in your life time. So at every job we take pride in working in a safe and productive manor and getting a fantastic job done first time round.


We provide 10 years guarantee to our windows and doors installations.

For your free no obligation quotation, or for further information on any of our products, please call us on 02087 839585.