Flat Roofs

Flat roofing is one of specialist areas. At New Roof Specialists Ltd we have a dedicated lfat roofing team who have a combined experience of almost 30 years. We are able to offer a selection of flat roofing options ranging from the traditional hot bitumen sealed felt with mineral chippings to the newer more advanced Firestone flat roofing system which uses a custom cut piece of specially developed rubber (EPDM) which is glued to the decking and sealed with edger strips reducing the risk of leaks. Firestone give a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee on roofs installed using their system by qualified approved fitters.

Flat Roof Installation

Flat roofs are made with roof joists spanning the gap between two walls, covered by sheet timber or other material. The weight of these last two coverings, combined with the span, determine the size of roof joists needed to support the structure.

Flat roofs are usually used on house extensions and garages. Using layers of limestone, gravel or granite on top of the layers of felt which strengthens the surface of the roof. The aim is for the surface to reflect sunlight, which protects the felt. You can choose a colour from our range (brown, gray, green, dark green, etc).

Flat roofs are notoriously difficult to fit, and even more complicated to repair afterwards. We always recommend that whichever roofing company you decide to use always ensure that they are flat roof experts, not simply offering flat roofing as an addition service.

We cover both installation and repair of flat roofs and offer a highly skilled team of roofers, who can carry out the job to the highest standards and offer finance options to spread the cost.

Flat Roof Repair

In the event you need your flat roof repaired, all our roofers are fully trained and experienced with – liquid rubber, liquid plastic and EPDM rubber roofing to cover andrepair flat roofs. For an estimate please contact us today. and repair flat roofs. For an estimate please contact us today.

We can give you any advice you need on flat roof installation and offer an experienced team of roofers who will ensure your roof is built to the highest standards and finally, we can offer finance options to spread the cost.

For all flat roofs, flat roof repairs and EPDM flat roofs please give us a call on 02087 839585.