Fiberglass Roofing

Waterproofing System

When work is completed we give a Certificate of Guarantee for 25 years (Companies who do not give a Certificate of Guarantee for Fiberglass roofs are not qualified for this work)

Fiberglass Roofing

  • 20 year materials guarantee
  • Insurance Backed Guarantee Available
  • Fire retardant (BS476 part3 ext.f.ab>
  • Extremely long lifespan (studies show 50+years)
  • Easy to use, quick to install
  • Very durable (will withstand foot traffic as standard)
  • Any BS4800 colour with non-slip option
  • No seams, joints or welds
  • Specially formulated for roofing
  • Can be used for almost any application

What is a Cure It GRP Roof?

A Cure lt GRP roof is a singte-ply GRP laminate consisting of Roofing Resin and Chopped Strand Mat reinforcement applied in situ over a good quality OSB3 deck. The roof is finished with pre-formed GRP edge trims and a coat of pre-pigmented topcoat.

Key steps to the perfect roof.

Always remember the following key rules when installing a Cure It GRP roof, these are areas where mistakes are most commonly made:


  • When using OSB3 18mm T & G boards always lay the boards gap side up (writing face up).
  • Always stagger the joints.
  • Do not use sections of boards less than 400mm.
  • Leave a 25mm expansion gap against any walls (this will be covered by the fillet trim/flashing.)
  • When laying exterior-grade ply, perform a bonding test first to check that that brand is suitable (apply a laminate onto a small section of a board and leave it overnight to see if it sticks).
  • Non-TEtG boards need to have joints taped (with masking tape) and bandaged (laminate bandage across the joints).
  • For all decking use ring shank nails or screws to penetrate 40mm into the joist at 200mm centres on each joist.

GRP Edge Trims

  • When fixing the GRP edge trims always use PU adhesive to bond the trims around the perimeter. Without PU the trims will pull up onto the roof and are difficult to fix.
  • GRP edge trims should be used around the entire perimeter of the roof.
  • Use an expansion joint (E280 trim) if the roof is over 50m2.

Applying the Resin/CSM (Chopped Strand Matreinforcement)

  • Bandage all joints between trim sections and between trim and decking.
  • Do not use Cure It roofing materials in wet or damp conditions or apply onto any damp or moist areas. They WILL fail.
  • Never apply Cure It directly onto brickwork.
  • When dealing with a complicated detail refer to the training manual for specific application instructions.
  • When the resin and chopped strand mat have been applied lightly sand the entire area with 40 grit sandpaper before topcoating.
  • Always have a large visqueen sheet on site. In the event of rain STOP and cover the roof with the sheet.
  • Always mix the resin and topcoat in the can before use.
  • Catalyst is used as the hardener for the both the Resin and Topcoat.
  • Always measure the hardener from a safety dispenser. Use suitable protective goggles and gloves when handling the hardener.
  • Before laying the CSM (Chopped Strand Mat reinforcement) ensure that the area has been coated with Roofing Resin. Do not lay CSM onto a dry deck.
  • When laying the laminate, it must be transparent after it has been treated with the consolidation roller. White patches indicate that there is not enough resin. Apply more if the area is not yet cured or patch over the top with a new laminate.


  • Don’t forget to add hardener to the topcoat
  • Apply the topcoat within a day of the laminate.
  • Wipe the surface with acetone if it has been left over night.
  • Lightly sand the area and acetone wipe if it has been a couple of days.
  • Follow the re-topcoating notes on this guide if the roof has been left any longer.